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Mold related health problems
Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems

Eye Irritations

Sinus Problems

Nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose.

Respiratory problems, such as wheezing and difficulty breathing, chest tightness.

Mold related health problems
Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Eye Irritations

Sinus Problems

Toxic mold exposure has also been linked to more serious, long-term effects like memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating, and confusion.

Mold related health problems
Eye Irritations

Eye Irritations

Eye Irritations

Eye Irritations

Eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. In some people, exposure to certain molds can cause a severe asthma attack. 

Mold and Health Problems

Mold and Health Problems

Mold and moisture in your home or office may be responsible for your health problems. Modern building materials like wood, drywall, wallpaper, and fabric are appealing food sources for mold while building technologies such as synthetic stucco can leak and trap moisture inside. Home appliances including clothes dryers and dishwashers also generate water vapor, again creating the type of environment that mold can thrive on.

Scientists and doctors do agree on one thing: about one in three people can have allergic reactions to mold. For asthma sufferers who are very young, like Caitlin, or elderly, mold can trigger much more serious problems.

Many research documents are available about health problems related to indoor mold and moisture. 

If you believe that you or a family member or friend may have mold-related health problems, be on the safe side and call us.  It’s not worth risking your health.


Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

  • Sinus and nasal problems,
  • Respiratory problems, including difficulty breathing,
  • Eye irritations,
  • Sore throat,
  • Skin rashes,
  • Nagging cough,
  • Problems with memory and concentration, aches and pains in the body, fevers, headaches, and mood swings are sometimes reported as mold-related health problems.


Many people have allergies and are particularly sensitive to mold. Medical professionals can perform tests to determine if someone is reactive to certain types of mold. Mold can produce several symptoms for individuals, particularly the very young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Mold testing the indoor environment will assist in determining if there is a health risk associated with the space one occupies. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings can harbor mold contamination that can create “Sick Building Syndrome.” Hire Home Enviro Mold Testing to investigate your health concerns about the building you or someone you care about occupies.

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Hidden Mold at Home Making You Sick?

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

When should a mold inspection be considered?

  • When visible mold is not present, but the smell of mold is. Here a mold inspection and mold test can reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold and where it is located.
  • There have been plumbing leaks or water issues, and there is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist in the air and behind walls.
  • Post Mold Removal Clearance Testing to ensure that the previous mold issues have been resolved and mold counts have returned to levels found in normal environments of the same type.
  • Health Concerns: In some cases, a doctor or the patient has a health issue that they cannot pinpoint the cause but seems to be related to mold symptoms (coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc). Here, a mold inspection and test may help to confirm whether the doctor’s or patient’s suspicions that a mold problem exists.
  • For real estate transactions for the protection of Buyers and Sellers.
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes as to whether there is a mold problem.
  • Someone thinks they see or smell mold but are not sure.
  • Someone is interested in a general Indoor Air Quality test of their environment.

"...leaks or water damage issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist behind walls"

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